Welcome to herzkids.ch

There is no website in Switzerland devoted exclusively to the development of children with congenital heart defects. However, the number of such children who survive, especially those with severe heart defects, continues to increase. As a result, their development and quality of life are foregrounded, posing challenges to parents and society.

We have been taking care of children who have undergone heart surgery at the Children's Hospital in Zurich since 2004. We have been working for many years on various research projects involving operated heart children. We see it as our duty to pass on our experience and our knowledge to parents and specialists in an accessible way. We want this website to inform, enlighten, and support.

What is particularly important to us is the desire to give something back to the parents who help us by participating in studies. This website also presents the full range of trend-setting research and development for heart children at the Children's Hospital Zurich.
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